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While there might be a never ending supply of free porn search engines out there, don’t think for a second that they’re all the same. If anything out of all these adult sites only a handful are really worth the time that it takes to visit them. For instance you wouldn’t want to visit a site that doesn’t give you relevant results, you also wouldn’t want the site to be a pain in the ass to navigate, would you?

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How to Get More Bootie Call Dates

If you are truly serious about hooking up more bootie call dates, you need to pay attention to this article. You really need to read between the lines and you need to wrap your mind around all the concepts that I will lay out for the art of onlinebootycall. Understand that you have a lot of control on your ability to hook up bootie calls.

Now, this is probably quite different from your impression. Maybe you have tried one bootie call after another and you’ve fallen flat on your face. I really can’t blame you for walking away with the conclusion that there’s really not much you can do. After all, it’s the exact same conclusion that many guys who have failed at one bootie call after another, come to.

However, if you just step back and take a deep breath and pay attention to what just happened, you would see that there are certain patterns. If you were to only pay attention to these patterns and change your behavior as well as your strategy, you can increase the likelihood of success. If this sounds like the kind of advice you would give the coyote in the road runner cartoon series, you’re absolutely correct.

Have you ever seen that cartoon series? The coyote, in many cases, came close to eating the road runner. He almost got the bird, but the problem is, he gave up too early. If he only stuck to a game plan, paid attention to patterns, he would have, eventually, gotten himself some succulent, tasty road runner dinner. Do you see how this works?

So focus less on your failure, focus less on the emotional sting it brings. Instead, focus on what you learned and how you can step up your game so victory will no longer be a distinct and distant possibility, but something that you can taste in the here and now. Here are just some tips on how you can get more bootie call dates.

Use the Right Platform

You have to really stack the odds in your favor. A lot of guys don’t get this. They just listen to their buddies who claim that they get laid from Tinder and automatically get on Tinder. They think to themselves, well, if my buddy gets lucky on Tinder, then it’s only a matter of time until I, myself, gets lucky.

Well, that kind of thinking will only take you so far. In fact, in most cases, it doesn’t take you far at all. You have to look at yourself and your target audience, meaning your preferred type of females, and filter out the dating platforms out there. Thanks to the popularity of mobile dating apps like Tinder, there is no shortage of mobile dating apps, online dating websites, and specialized online dating databases.

You have to look at the right platform. How do you know that the platform is right? First, it features the type of women you’re looking to meet. Second, there are tons of women in those platforms. If one of these factors is missing, keep looking.

You’re not looking at the right platform if you’re faced with a database that doesn’t have the right kind of chicks, or there’s not enough of them. Do you see how this works? You’re trying to stack the odds in your favor.

Use the Right Profile

Have you ever tried fishing without a hook? It sounds stupid, right? Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you do not use the right profile when trying to hook up a bootie call at a typical online dating platform. You’re essentially either fishing with no hook, or using the wrong bait. Regardless of what you’re doing, you are going to fail. You have to put together the right profiles.

So how do you know if a profile is correct? Well, first, you need to take a look at the types of women there. What kind of guys are they looking for? Now, you look at your personality and background and highlight the aspects that these women are looking for. Pretty straightforward. Actually, it’s quite elementary.

Now, when you’re taking pictures, make sure the picture is consistent with the tastes of the women there. This is pretty basic. You don’t want to come up with a profile that’s obviously outside the preferred tastes or expectations of the chicks on the dating platform that you are marketing yourself on.

Use the Right Outreach Strategy

Did you notice that I used the word marketing in the section above? I need you to wrap your mind around this concept. When you’re trying to get an online bootie call, you are essentially marketing yourself. You only have one product, and you’re always selling it. If you’re not selling it, you’re not going to get a date. Kiss that bootie call goodbye.

What are you selling? You are selling yourself. You are essentially telling the women on a particular dating platform that you are worthy enough of their time. If you’re able to understand this, then everything else will fall into place. If this is a foreign concept to you, then you will continue to struggle for a long time indeed.