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The Big Hassle with Free Fuck Sites

Usually, when you use the “free” and the word “fuck” in the same sentence, it’s an occasion to get excited. I mean, how many times do you get these words in the same sentence? It’s like winning the lottery. It’s like having your birthday every single fucking day. Isn’t it awesome? But the problem is, the whole idea behind free is problematic. If you have more than one brain cell, you probably already know that there is no such thing as free stuff.


I mean, people can yank your chain and stroke your dick and make all sorts of bullshit claims but the reality is the free lunch has yet to be invented. I know this is a shock. I know this is probably going to make the earth shatter in your part of the world, but this is the absolute truth. So, the sooner you understand this, the better you would be off.

This is why when you see the words “Free Fuck Sites” you need to be skeptical. There’s no such thing as a totally free. Sure, you’re not going to be whipping out your credit card anytime soon. You’re not going to be separating yourself from all those hard-earned dollars that you sweated blood, sweat and tears for, okay? You’re not going to do that.


However, you’re going to be trading in something far more precious. I know this comes as a shock to many people but your most precious asset is your time. For every second you spend watching bullshit free fuck sites that involve the performer just basically waiting for these bunch of losers to crack and for somebody to whip out a credit card, you are wasting your time. You could’ve spent all that precious time doing something else that would’ve put more dollars in your pocket. Do you see the equation now between time and money? I hope so.


So, it’s really important to understand there is no such thing as Free Fuck Sites. You have to participate. You have to add value. This way, you can maximize whatever time you choose to invest in that kind of an online adult entertainment.